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 "Help, I did not get my payment!"

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Admin (stine1)
Admin (stine1)

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PostSubject: "Help, I did not get my payment!"   Mon Jan 31, 2011 3:46 am

Dear members,

I just read in a forum that a former member of CaliforniaClicks did not receive her payment.

I'd like to explain the reasons for you in case you suddenly face the same problem.

But the most important thing: All HONEST members will be paid!

The reason why this member did not receive payment - and payment request got cancelled THREE times - was that she did not read and follow the rules.

Please, it is utterly important to have your FULL NAME in your account information. This included first and last name.

I will not pay members with just "Bob" as their name or their username as name.

When you request payment and you do not fulfill these rules, I cancel your payment and send you a nice email explaining it to you.

When you request again with wrong data, I cancel again and write another email.

Same goes for try number 3!

When you request payment the fourth time with WRONG DATA, I delete your cashout, meaning you do not get one single cent. Simple as that, sad but true.

As by that time I must assue that you 1) have not read the terms and 2) can't understand what I have written in my emails.

So please, put your correct name into your profile.

Thank you!
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"Help, I did not get my payment!"
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