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 IMPORTANT! CaliforniaClicks Payments - MUST READ!

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Admin (stine1)
Admin (stine1)

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PostSubject: IMPORTANT! CaliforniaClicks Payments - MUST READ!   Sun Dec 12, 2010 12:24 am

Ok, here we go:

I am tired of users not following the rules, especially when they request payment.

PLEASE read the rules again:
* You must not use a proxy server
* You must give your full name (first and last name) if you want to be paid
* Account email has to match to the Paypal email if you want to be paid - for your own account safety
* Your country must match your IP address
* If you answer a total of 15 cheat check questions wrong, your account gets deleted

I am constantly canceling the majoirty of payment requests because some people seem to not understand what a real and full name is ^^
And that you can cashout to only the email address that is in your account - this is for your own safety!

One person (according to her IP she is from Canada, so I might assueme she can understand English, right?) did request payment with wrong account information FOUR times now. And I am sick of writing emails, personal messages and issue warnings. Really, after 4 times explaining, I have the feeling of talkking to a brick wall.

I have written a final email and I am telling you this now, too. MAJOR CHANGE to the Terms of Service!

I will cancel your payment once and send you an email what is wrong.
If you change your info, great.
If you do not change your info and request payment again, I will DELETE your payment request so that your money is lost.

Honest members won't have a problem. 99% react to the first kind email.
So please understand this as another method of finding cheaters who do not care about an honest site.

Thank you very much.

Best regards and happy clicking,
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IMPORTANT! CaliforniaClicks Payments - MUST READ!
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